The Winter of 2010/11  produced  extremely low temperatures, much lower than we have experienced in recent times. This kind of weather could be repeated any Winter


Sub Zero Temperatures can quickly freeze pipework even if Central Heating has been on during the day. Vunerable areas are Loft Spaces where insulation prevents heat rising through or Outer Rooms where there may not be a radiator.


While these low temperatures endure, we recommend leaving the Heating on continually Day and Night and perhaps lifting off the loft hatch door to help protect tanks and pipework


On discovering a leak, isolate any Electrics which are in the vicinity


If you think the leak is on a Cold Supply turn off the stop tap and open a Cold Tap, if you have a Combi Boiler this will also turn off the Hot Supply


If you suspect the leak is on a Hot Supply and you have a cylinder, there should be a valve on the pipe connecting to the bottom of the cylinder, turn this fully clockwise for off then open Hot and Cold Taps 


If you think the Tank in the loft is leaking, turn off the Cold stop tap and open a Hot Tap. N.B. This will not drain the Hot Water Cylinder


If you thinks the leak is on a Central Heating pipe, turn off The Boiler and turn off the Main stop tap before calling a Plumber.


HOLIDAY TIPS If you are going away it is always worth turning off The Cold Supply, things like washing machine hoses can burst. but remember if someone is going to water your Garden this may also turn off the outside tap, check first.


If you are going away in Winter remember to leave some heat on, the best way is to leave on at the clock continually but turn room stat down to something like 8-10 degrees C.   Turning off the water will not usually interfere witht the heating side of your Combi.  Consult your instruction book


PLEASE NOTE - We are no longer able to Provide Service for Oil Fired Boilers and Cookers. 

As from November 1st, 2021 Due to Staff Constrictions We are unable toi take on New Customers for Gas Boiler Service and Repairs.  We will continue to provide service for Gas Boiler originally installed by ourselves


SELF HELP- CENTRAL HEATING FAILURE  ALWAYS KEEP YOUR BOILER MANUAL NEAR THE BOILER  Most Boiler Manufacturers recommend that appliances be serviced annually. This helps avoiding costly breakdowns.


The first step following boiler failure is to check that the boiler is receiving power, most boilers have a power indicator light, consult your instructions book 

Many Modern Systems are powered by battery driven controls, if the screen of your thermostat or controller is blank or displaying a battery symbol it may be that only a simple battery change is required


The Majority of breakdowns relate to Combi or Sealed System Boilers where the system pressure has dropped too low, consult your boiler instructions on how to top up the system. The pressure gauge should read between 1 and 1.5 Bar when the boiler is cold. If the pressure is O.K. and power is on, there may be a reset function, if not simply turning off the power at the supply and turning back on after 10 seconds or so may re-boot the system.


COLD WEATHER WARNING If your Oil or Gas Boiler is a High Efficiency Type and does not work it may be possible that the condensate drain pipe is frozen outside, if this is the case thaw out with a hair dryer or warm water, insulate the pipe and try The Boiler again. If you are unable to thaw the condensate pipe, it may be possible to disconnect the pipe inside the property and run it into a bucket as a temporary measure. Please remember that condensate is slightly acidic and dispose of it carefully down a drain.


Some Boilers have a fault code system to indicate what the problem is, again consult your instruction Book. If all fails call a Engineer.



         We Offer Emergency Help to Existing Account Holders

         If out of Hours please e mail:-


We do not have a call out fee but charge a minimum which includes the 1st Hr Worked in The Local Area  (Normal Working Hours Only )


                                Charge is  :-  Plumbing Works    £45.60 Inc. VAT

                                                    Gas Work   £48.00 Inc. VAT       


We will always attempt to help with problems regarding any boiler which we have installed 

We may not be able to assist with older appliances.


The following Manufacturer Service department can probably arrange a fixed cost repair


Ideal Boilers               01482 498 660

Vaillant                      0330 102 8573

Worcester Bosch         0330 123 9339

Baxi Potterton             0330 678 0917

Glow Worm                 0330 100 3150